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Magma E-Commerce Technical Specifications

Getting Started

Before you can start testing the credit card processing scripts, the following needs to be completed.

  1. Sign and return the "Magma E-Commerce Merchant Agreement"
  2. Submit the "Electronic Commerce Request Form" to Magma
  3. Assignment to you by Magma of a "Terminal Identifier"
Once you have been assigned your terminal identifier, you can begin development/testing of your scripts. Note that while in "test-mode", your E-Commerce merchant account is not officially "live". Once you are satisfied that your scripts work properly, contact Magma and request that your merchant account be changed to "live-mode". Note that this process takes approximately 2 days to complete.

"Test Mode"

While your account is in test mode, you can submit transactions to the Magma E-Commerce system to be processed. These transactions will be authorized at the bank level. However, no charges will appear on your credit card. Note that these transactions may impact the credit limit ("open to buy") on your credit card for up to five days. Magma recommends test amounts of $1.00. All test transactions are cleared when your account is changed to "live mode".

Application Support

Magma's E-Commerce service is available on both UNIX and Windows. You will be provided with all of the tools necessary to quickly setup a working credit card processing solution on your website.

Access Restrictions

Your Magma E-Commerce account is configured to ONLY accept transactions from the IP address of the Magma server which hosts your account. You can still develop your applications offline, but to actually test the card processing, you'll need to run the applications on Magma's server.

A Sample Transaction Flow Chart

The following flow chart outlines some steps which you may want/need to consider when developing your E-Commerce application. Depending on your particular requirements, you may or may not require all of these steps or you may require other steps not shown here.

Voiding a Transaction

If a transaction is submitted using Magma's E-Commerce service, that transaction can be voided later the same day. The transaction cannot be voided once midnight strikes. It is quite rare that you'll need to void a transaction.

There are two ways you can handle a void. You could clone CreditCard.pl and modify the second version to only process voids. Alternatively, you could request that Magma process the void manually for you. Magma can do this if your request is received on a weekday before 3:30pm. Note that Magma will process a maximum of 2 return/void requests per month for free. Additional return/void requests will result in an administration fee.

Processing Returns

If a transaction is submitted and one or more days have passed, and you want to reverse the transaction, you'll need to submit a 'return'.

Returns are dangerous. In effect, you as a merchant are giving money away. Because of the danger, Magma does not generally configure it's merchants' accounts to support 'return' transactions over the Internet.

If you need to process a return, simply FAX Magma your request with all account details, and Magma will process the return manually. Note that Magma will process a maximum of 2 return/void requests per month for free. Additional return/void requests will result in an administration fee.


Magma's E-Commerce service is extremely secure. The connection between your customer and Magma's server is encrypted using the SSL security protocol. The connection between Magma's server and the card-processing server is encrypted using Triple-DES.